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Immaculate Conception/St. Joseph Staff and Faculty Complete List

Immaculate Conception/St. Joseph Administration and Staff

    Shelby Douglas, Principal                                        

                                                                    Phone ext: 2110        Email: sdouglas@boscocatholic.org

    Carol Berry, Immaculate Conception Secretary (Registration/PowerSchool)

                                                                    Phone ext: 2100        Email: cberry@boscocatholic.org

    Dawn Lutgen, St. Joseph Secretary      

                                                                     Phone ext: 100        Email: dlutgen@boscocatholic.org

    Tiffany Moses, Business Manager

                                                                       Phone ext. 1101    Email: tmoses@boscocatholic.org  

    Morgan Rutherford, School Counselor

                                                                       Phone ext: 2117   Email: mrutherford@boscocatholic.org

    Marianne Hickey, School Nurse                           

                                                                    Phone ext: 2101        Email: mhickey@boscocatholic.org

                                Sheena Meany, ABC Director                                   

                                                                    Phone ext: 107          Email: sheenameany@boscocatholic.org

    Jeanne Weber, Hot Lunch Program                   

                                                                    Phone ext: 2111        Email: jweber@boscocatholic.org

    Del Ludden, Maintenance/Custodian Supervisor


St. Joseph Primary Unit

    Heather Marvin, Preschool                               

                                                                    Phone ext: 102         Email: hmarvin@boscocatholic.org

    Nicole Parker, Preschool Aide

    Nancy Bolick, Kindergarten                              

                                                                    Phone ext: 105         Email: nbolick@boscocatholic.org

  Kari Olson, Kindergarten                                   

                                                                    Phone ext: 103         Email:kolson@boscocatholic.org

    Sue Neverman, 1st Grade                                

                                                                    Phone ext: 108         Email: sneverman@boscocatholic.org

  Molli Wellman, 1st Grade

                                                                    Phone ext: 109          Email: mwellman@boscocatholic.org


Immaculate Conception Elementary Unit

   Veronica McMaster, 2nd Grade     

                                                                    Phone ext: 2205        Email: vmcmaster@boscocatholic.org

  Lora Johnson, 3rd Grade

                                                                    Phone ext: 2206              Email: ljohnson@boscocatholic.org     

  Emily Ownby, 3rd Grade

                                                                    Phone ext: 2207            Email: eownby@boscocatholic.org             

    Marita Schroeder, 4th Grade, IC Library       

                                                                    Phone ext: 2203        Email:mschroeder@boscocatholic.org

   Amy Gutierrez, 5th Grade

                                                                   Phone: ext: 2204    Email: agutierrez@boscocatholic.org

  Kim Bird, 5th Grade

                                                                   Phone ext: 2202      Email: kbird@boscocatholic.org

Immaculate Conception Middle School Unit

   Kaileb Armbruster, Religion/Social Studies                         

                                                                    Phone ext: 2106        Email:karmbruster@boscocatholic.org

   Nate Kellogg, Math/Literacy           

                                                                    Phone ext: 2105        Email: nkellogg@boscocatholic.org                              

   Janice Rosauer, Reading Specialist                         

                                                                    Phone ext: 2107        Email: jrosauer@boscocatholic.org

  Katie Sandman, Science

                                                                    Phone ext: 2104       Email: ksandman@boscocatholic.org


All Levels K-8

  Allison Bogaard, K-8 Art

                                                                    Phone ext: 2102      Email: abogaard@boscocatholic.org

   Greg Fahnle,  K-8 Technology          

                                                                    Phone ext: 2103       Email: gfahnle@boscocatholic.org

   Sam Bergan, K-12 Music                            

                                                                    Phone ext: 2200        Email: sbergan@boscocatholic.org

   Braxton Chicchelly, K-8 Physical Education, 6-8 Health, 6-8 Activities Coordinator   

                                                                    Phone ext: 2109        Email: bchicchelly@boscocatholic.org

    Janice Rosauer, Resource                           

                                                                    Phone ext: 2107      Email: jrosauer@boscocatholic.org

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