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The Bosco Catholic School System Booster Club has adopted the following policies and has the

authority to amend or waive any of the following policies with a majority vote, subject to Board of

Education approval.


Merchandise and Apparel Sales

The Booster Club will sell non-­specific Bosco Catholic School System merchandise and

apparel. Sport specific apparel will not be sold by the club without approval of the varsity head

coach of any particular sport.


Other organizations will not be allowed to sell items with Bosco Catholic School System logos

that may be in direct competition with Booster Club merchandise and apparel sales. The

Booster Club sells merchandise to generate funds to cover expenses for all extra-­curricular

activities. Another organization requesting the sale of merchandise and apparel should contact

the Activities Director, the Booster Club President or Merchandise Chairpersons.


Concession Stands

The Bosco Catholic School System Booster Club will operate the concession stands at the high

school, the middle school, the ball diamonds, and the football field. The Booster Club will also

run concessions for all other activities/events where concessions are offered. Specific

committees will be set up to coordinate and organize concessions for specific periods. An

annual schedule of responsibility will be determined in August, communicated to all families, and

presented at the September club meeting.


Each year, sophomore parents will have the opportunity at the beginning of the school year to

sign up for an activity to coordinate concessions for, or they will be assigned to a group to

coordinate concessions. Sophomore parents will be split into committees for the sport seasons as well as drama, music and band as needed determined by the number of sophomore parents. Committee

groups should attend the appropriate Booster Club meeting prior to their event for information

and direction. The committee will be responsible for making sure someone is there to open and

close each home event and working with the Activities Department and office on items needed.

The high school office will coordinate stocking the concession stands, working with the

committee on keeping items needed in stock.


All parents of players/participants, managers, cheerleaders, and band, will be scheduled to work

concessions. These schedules will be posted on the school’s website prior to each



Tabs for concession stand items are not allowed. Concession stand punch cards will be

available for sale at all concession stands.


Officials will be given drinks from the concession stand at no charge when officiating.


Concession stands may be used by other requesting organizations upon approval. Requests

should be made to and granted by the Booster Club President or Vice-­President. Organizations

will be responsible for returning the concession stands to the original manner prior to usage and

providing their own food items for sale. Non-­disposable items can be utilized as needed. If the

organization chooses to use Booster Club drinks or candy, such organizations will be

responsible for tracking usage and submitting quantities used to the Booster Club President,

Vice-­President, or Treasurer after the event. The Booster Club will invoice the organization for

payment of items used.


Election of Officers

As outlined in the by-­laws, “officers of the club shall consist of President, Vice-­President,

Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Officer (Activities Director). They shall be elected every 2

(two) years by members that are present at the May meeting.” Also, “All

members of the club are eligible for any office or committee chair. Committee chairs will be

appointed annually on a volunteer basis.”


Activity Budgets and Special Requests

Each coach and/or activity director will be required to submit their budget request for the

following year to the Activities Director no later than October 1st. The Booster Club officers will

review this budget and present to the Booster Club at the November meeting. The final budget

will be presented to the Board of Education by the Business Manager in December.


Coaches and Activity Directors are to submit their request for their operating budget and uniform

budget as outlined above. The operating budget for each sport/activity includes all necessary

items to operate their program. These items would include supplies, entry fees, and equipment.

The operating budget is for one year only. Other expenses such as officials, awards,

membership dues, salaries, general supplies, transportation, advertising, and trainer expenses,

are all paid out of the Activity Budget General Expense. The uniform budgets are on a 3-­5 year

rotation with an annual contribution from the Booster Club to cover uniform needs. The uniform

budget balances carry over from year to year.


Special requests for items needed (items that are not an annual expenses) for any activity may

be requested by attending a Booster Club meeting and presenting your request including costs

and specific details on the item(s) needed.


Advertising Sales

At the May club meeting, a list of potential businesses will be distributed among members for

advertising opportunities . Businesses will be offered the opportunity to advertise on the ball

diamond signs and sports programs distributed at all home activities for fall and winter sports.

Ads and payments will need to be collected and returned to the Don Bosco office no later than

August 1st of each year. A committee chairperson will work with the Activities Department and

printer to complete the sports programs.


Pocket schedules are printed for Fall, Winter, and Summer sports. A sponsor pays for the cost

of the printing. Schedules are distributed by area businesses and at concession stands.



The Booster Club will present the annual list of fundraising projects to the Board of Education at

the August meeting.


Booster Club Purchases

The Booster Club will use SCRIP for purchasing items needed for concession stands as well as

any other items needed where SCRIP is available. A purchase order must be filled out to request

SCRIP as well as additional funds if needed. Purchase orders are turned into and signed by the

Activities Director and Administration for approval prior to distributing funds requested.


Booster Club Sponsored Tournaments

The Booster Club will host various youth and high school tournaments as fundraising projects.

Dates will be selected and approved by the Activities Department. Cost for usage of gyms and

fields shall be waived for such events. Costs for other expenses such as janitors, cooks, or

other necessary staffing shall be the responsibility of the Booster Club. Events shall be staffed

by Booster Club members and other willing volunteers. Student volunteers are also encouraged.

Revenue from such tournaments shall be awarded to the Booster Club, and expenses will be

paid by the Booster Club.


Uniforms Policy

Uniforms are the property of the school system and must be returned in good condition at the end of each season to the appropriate coach. In the event a uniform is not returned or is returned

damaged, the parent/athelete will be responsible for the replacement.


Booster Club State Participation Guidelines

The Bosco System Booster Club, in support of our students, athletes, and coaches, will cover

expenses associated with teams qualifying for and competing in state tournaments.


The following outlines the expenses covered by the Booster Club for teams competing in state



1. Some sports have one day tournaments, some have consecutive day/multi-­day

tournaments, and others have non-­consecutive day/multi-­day tournaments.


2. School transportation will be used whenever possible for all team participants/coaches.

The cost to rent a vehicle will be considered and compared to other available options.

The most efficient/cost effective option will be used.


3. Hotel rooms will be booked by the AD/Principal for a reasonable cost with the least

amount of rooms being used. This decision will be based on individual circumstances as

each sport has different guidelines. Decisions will be based on distance to competition,

what time the team competes or needs to be there prior to competition and costs

associated with these factors.


4. Food expense -­ each player/participant/coach/manager/cheerleader will be given a

stipend to cover some of their food expenses while participating at state. $10/day of

competition will be given to all prior to leaving for state participation.


5. The Booster Club will pay for additional nights (accommodations) due to weather if the

principal/administration deems necessary.



Revised Dec 2014