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Bosco Catholic School System

Academics & Faith


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Faith-Based Education

When you send your child to a catholic school like the Bosco System, they will not only receive an education guided by the word of God, they will enjoy daily prayer and weekly mass as well. High schoolers will attend a yearly religious retreat which includes a trip to NCYC every-other year.

Middle School Lessons of God

In Middle School, Children will learn about revelation, Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Church, morality, sacraments, and the kingdom of God. They are also given a chance to come closer to God through the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion in Second Grade.

High School Theology

At Don Bosco High School we bring the Freshmen students into a deeper meaning of who Jesus is, both as our Savior and as the fulfillment of God’s promise of the Messiah as the new and eternal covenant. Sophomore students learn the nature of the Christic event and how Jesus, the God-Man, has become incarnate to redeem our fallen nature. Sophomores then learn how to see this salvific event through the reading of sacred scripture in their second semester. The Juniors learn what the sacraments are and how they work in the Christian life and from there they learn how the moral life comes from a strong sacramental life. The Seniors learn apologetics of the Catholic faith so they understand why we believe what we believe and are able to explain it to others who have not encountered the Catholic faith before. The last semester of senior year, the seniors learn Catholic Social Teaching so they can better understand why the Church teaches us to be good stewards before we send them off to be Christ’s light to the world. 

Freshmen: Jesus Christ: The Revelation of the Father & His Mission
Sophomores: Salvation & Sacred Scripture
Juniors: Sacraments & Morality
Seniors: Why am I Catholic? & Catholic Social Teaching

Campus Ministry

In campus ministry, our role is to help develop the total catholic person in a total Catholic environment. Here at Don Bosco we believe that the healing power of the sacraments and a strong devotional life bring about a true relationship with God and His Church.

We encourage our students to participate in the following:

  • First Friday Adoration
  • Confession every semester
  • Marian Consecration
  • Tuesday Morning Rosary
  • Wednesday Coffee & Catholicism during lunch
  • Friday Mass
  • Service Opportunities
  • Class Retreats
  • Seniors Treat Seniors
  • Pilgrimage Opportunities
  • Retreat Opportunities
  • NCYC
  • TEC
  • Karios Retreat, Steubenville Conferences

TEC (Teens Encounter Christ)

TEC is a three (3) day Catholic retreat experience for high school seniors. A TEC weekend can be a great opportunity for real personal growth in a community of love and trust. 

TEC Participants:

  • Experience a new environment in which to learn and grow
  • Meet other Catholic youth who share similar questions, concerns, and hopes;
  • Encounter Christ, risen and ALIVE today;
  • Find time to reflect on your life, your relationship with others, your relationship with God, and much more! 


For more information, contact the Theology Department or visit www.ArchDBQTec.com