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Bosco Catholic School System



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"Every day I am thankful that I get to share my faith journey with my friends and classmates. I am also very grateful that I get to go to a school like Don Bosco because I get to learn more about my faith every day and we get to talk about our faith with our peers and not have to worry." –Paige Corkery 


9TH GRADE: Jesus Christ: The Revelation of the Father & His Mission  At Don Bosco High School we bring freshmen into a deeper meaning of who Jesus is, both as our Savior and as the fulfillment of God’s promise of the Messiah as the new and eternal covenant.

10TH GRADE: Salvation & Sacred Scripture  Sophomore students learn the nature of the Christic event and how Jesus has become incarnate to redeem our fallen nature. They learn how to see this salvific event through the reading of sacred scripture in their second semester.

11TH GRADE: Sacraments & Morality  Juniors dive deeper into the meaning of the sacraments and learn how moral life comes from a strong sacramental life.

12TH GRADE: Why am I Catholic? & Catholic Social Teaching. Seniors learn apologetics of the Catholic faith so they understand why we believe what we believe and are able to explain it to others who have not encountered the Catholic faith. Their final semester, before we send them off to be Christ’s light in the world, students learn Catholic social teaching to better understand why the Church teaches us to be good stewards.‚Äč