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Bosco Catholic School System



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The Slingerland Approach

Aligned with the Science of Reading

The Slingerland® Approach is a research-based approach to literacy instruction. It's a simultaneous, multi-sensory, total language program based on the science of reading. Students use sight, sound, and touch—a multi-sensory way—to learn to read.

Watching Bosco System teachers and students in action is the best way to see how effective the program is. This structured, logical approach builds independence for the learner. It's comprehensive, integrated, flexible, and adaptable to all students. With the Slingerland® Approach, learning starts with the smallest unit of sight, sound, and feel – a single letter. From single letters, students are taught how to associate sounds with their visual counterparts and how to put letters together to spell words.

Teachers help our students build by adding suffixes and prefixes, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Students learn phonetic rules and generalizations of the English language. They discover how words work together in phrases and learn the vocabulary needed to understand a reading selection. With this approach, our students put skills to use and develop confidence in written expression.

This proven method is adaptable and flexible, allowing it to meet the needs of a diverse classroom of learners including students with dyslexia or those experiencing language difficulties. At the same time, it is perfect for those needing more challenging work.

Most of all, the Slingerland® Approach develops confident readers and writers who are enthusiastic about learning!