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SCRIP Program






Scrip is easy and convenient. It's a fundraiser that doesn't cost you an extra penny and you can earn tuition credit too!


What is SCRIP?
SCRIP is fundraising for our school while you shop and purchase items that you are already buying. Shop with gift cards instead of cash--or give cards as gifts--and earn cash for tuition and our schools. With 750+ brands to choose from, there is a brand for every household need or wish list. Choose from traditional physical gift cards, eGift cards, and reloading of physical gift cards. 

You can reduce the amount of your tuition simply by purchasing SCRIP on a regular basis for things you are already buying. If you don't pay tuition, you can help another family or it will all go to help our schools.


GET STARTED: The RaiseRight mobile app makes it easy to sign up and to store and use eGift cards for use anytime, anywhere.

  1. Download the RaiseRight app on your phone.
  2. Enter our BCSS code: 3E5BE1141222.  
  3. When you order, choose one of three ways to pay: 
    1. Pay coordinator/school directly with check or cash (no fee)
    2. Bank account ($0.29 ACH fee)
    3. Credit Card (2.6% fee) 

      We suggest the app, but you may also shop through RaiseRight.com.

Here's something special about e-gift cards and reloads! You can buy or re-load while you are in line and know the exact amount you need. 


How does SCRIP generate funds for families and the school?

  • If you have students in school, you automatically receive 50% of your earnings in tuition credit. If you want physical gift cards sent home with a student, you'll need to fill out the form above to give permission.
  • If you don't have students in school (grandparents, other relatives, friends) and want to give your credit to someone for tuition, you must fill out the form for us to credit them. These forms only need to be filled out once. We keep them on file at the Gilbertville Farmers State Bank location. You fill out and sign this form indicating who you want your tuition credit to go to. Leave your signed form at the bank and we will update your information so the credit goes to the appropriate families.

The Great Lakes SCRIP center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non-profit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. Because the SCRIP is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer them a substantial discount. Our organization buys the scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount, and re-sells the certificates at face value. 50% of the discount - from two to fifteen percent or more - is retained by us, the Bosco System, as revenue. This program contributes a substantial amount of money to our school system each year. The other 50% can go to the school or to a family's tuition. You accrue this credit throughout the school year through June 30th and the total amount of your credit is applied to your tuition statement in the fall. If you have a senior who is your last student in the school system, you will accrue credit through April 15th of their senior year and will receive that credit prior to paying your final tuition bill before your student graduates.


Here's an example:

You buy a $100 Walmart/Sam's card and the profit earned is 2.5%: $2.50. You earn 50% of that profit earned:  $1.25. You buy a $100 Kwik Star card and the profit earned is 5% or $5.00. You earn 50% of that profit earned: $2.50. The school retains the rest of the profit earned.

Who can use SCRIP?
Anyone can use SCRIP. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, grandparents, neighbors, and businesses. Ask your parents, other relatives, and friends to purchase SCRIP and apply the tuition credit to your account. You may split your credit among more than one family. 

Where can I purchase SCRIP?

  • Shop online through RaiseRight where you may select egift cards, reload, or physical cards. For physical cards, the order will be sent to school to be filled the same business day if in stock and if you paid online and ordered early AM or the next day if ordered later. If you choose to pay by cash or check, your order will be filled upon receipt of your payment. These orders can also be picked up at the bank if you prefer on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. We order national vendors we don't keep in stock on Thursday mornings.
  • Send your paper order form with payment to school with your student (K-12) and your SCRIP order will be filled and sent back home with your student if you have completed the Tuition Credit and Delivery Permission Form.
  • Purchase SCRIP directly at Farmers State Bank in Gilbertville on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during regular bank hours. We have been asked to only accept checks (no cash) for the payment of scrip for security reasons both for the bank and the school. 


Who are the vendors that I can purchase cards for?

We have both local and national retailers participating in the SCRIP program. There are restaurant chains, grocery stores, gas stations, department and clothing stores, home improvement stores, book stores, video rental stores, office supply stores, shoe stores, toy stores, auto repair, car washes, nail and pedicure and more! To see the complete national list visit RaiseRight

For national retailers not our local order form you may use the app. If you order a physical card it will take at least a week to receive. You may also contact our SCRIP Coordinator who orders early on Thursday mornings for receipt the next week. Email dmangrich@boscocatholic.org or call 319-239-0226. E-cards and reloads are quick and easy!

For special orders or large orders, please contact your SCRIP Coordinator. These must be paid for in advance.


SCRIP Gift Certificates let the recipient choose their own card!
You may purchase Bosco System SCRIP gift certificates at any time. The bearer of these gift certificates can choose can card they like!  GREAT GIFT IDEA! We keep gift certificates in our inventory at all times. Certificates are available to purchase where SCRIP is sold OR send your request to school for same day delivery. If you need a SCRIP gift certificate in another denomination please contact our SCRIP Coordinator.

Thank you for supporting our SCRIP Program!