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Dress Code

Immaculate Conception†St. Joseph (K-8) Dress and Good Grooming Policy

Both Boys and Girls:
Proper dress and personal grooming for both boys and girls at the IC and St. Joseph Centers need to be neat, clean, simple, unobtrusive, and appropriate for the weather and the learning environment.

Slacks/Shorts: Dress pants or slacks must be navy blue or khaki. No cargo or carpenter pants may be worn. Docker style pants are allowed. Navy blue or khaki shorts that have an inseam of 5 inches or more may be worn. WalMart and Old Navy are great resources for uniform apparel.

Shirts: Shirts must be solid colored white, navy, pastel blue, royal blue, black or red. They may be short- or long-sleeved polo shirts or turtleneck shirts. Shirts may not have trim, lace, non Bosco Catholic School System emblems or logos greater than 1 square inch in size. Shirts with the school name (IC/St. Joseph School or Bosco Catholic School System) embroidered on them are allowed. Long-sleeved t-shirts may be worn under short-sleeved uniform shirts as long as no lettering or logos are visible. Shirts should be tucked in, unless the outside temperature is 85oF or higher.

Shoes: Shoes must be tennis shoes, oxfords, or sandals that buckle and have a strap around the heel. No clogs, platform shoes, flip flops, open back shoes, or high heels for safety reasons. These same guidelines are to be followed on out-of-uniform days as well.

Sweaters/Vests: Solid colored red, white, or navy blue V-neck cardigan, V-neck pullover sweater or V-neck vest may be worn. Sweaters should be sized appropriately.

Sweatshirts/Fleece shirts: IC-SJ, Don Bosco, or Bosco Catholic School System crew neck sweatshirts and crew neck fleece shirts purchased through the Booster Club may be worn. The sweatshirt or fleece shirt must be worn with a white, navy, pastel blue, royal blue, black or red shirt underneath with the collar of the shirt showing. Sweatshirts must be the appropriate size for the student (not oversized) and may not have a hood.

Hair: Hair must be kept clean and of reasonable length. Dyed or highlighted hair cannot be any color beyond natural hair colors.

PE Clothing: Students in grades 2-8 need a separate pair of tennis shoes that tie or fasten for gym class. Non-marking or non-black soles are required. Also needed for grades 4-8 are shorts and a plain or IC-SJ or Don Bosco tee shirt. Shorts must have an inseam of 5 inches or greater. Not having PE clothes for class can affect a student’s grade.

Jewelry: No dangling or large hoop earrings, large necklaces or bracelets. Jewelry in any visible pierced body parts other than the ear must be removed or covered during the school day. No visible tattoos. No jewelry, including earrings, is allowed during PE class for safety reasons.

Winter Attire: In winter weather all students are expected to dress appropriately to go outside for recess, travel to lunch/church,etc. Students in grades K-5 need to wear boots and snow pants from the first snowfall until families are notified by the school.

Spirit Days: Wednesdays will be “Spirit Days” at IC/St. Joseph. Students may wear any kind of crew neck Don Bosco, IC/St. Joseph shirt with uniform pants. The shirt can be specific to a particular sport if desired (for example, wrestling, football, volleyball). It can be long- or short-sleeved, t-shirt or sweatshirt. Collared uniform shirts need not be worn underneath. Beginning school year 2021-2022, hooded sweatshirts will NOT be allowed on Spirit Days.

Additional attire for girls:

  • In addition to the slacks/shorts described above, navy or khaki capri pants may be worn.

  • Navy or khaki skirts and jumpers of appropriate length may be worn.

Dress Code Enforcement:

For students in grades K-5 out of dress code, the teacher will email the parent about the aspect that is out of uniform. Teachers WILL NOT address the infraction directly to the student. They have been directed to email you, as at those ages, it is most likely the parent making the major decisions regarding clothing and we want to give you the opportunity to address it without causing undue stress to the student. We ask that you remedy the uniform situation immediately after receiving the email and if you have questions, please contact the principal directly, not the classroom teacher. If similar dress code violations continue after the teacher contacts you, they will then contact the principal so that he/she can reach out to you to discuss ways in which we can help you to be within code.

For middle school (6-8th grades), if a student is out of dress code, they will be given a dress code reminder note that they will have to bring home to be signed by a parent. If the slip does not get returned, an email or phone call will be made to the parent and the student will be asked to write a note to his/her parent explaining that they were supposed to have you sign a slip, but didn’t, and steps they will take in the future to not let it happen again. If that student is in dress code violation again, the student will be asked to call his/her parents that day and explain how they were out of uniform and write down steps they will take to not let it happen again and that will be kept on file with the teacher. If a student has a third violation of the dress code, they will be sent to the office, we will contact you, the parents, and the student will stay in the office until you can come and pick him/her up. If you are unable to pick him/her up, that student will remain in the office until dismissal.

* A dress code reminder also counts as a minor offense.


Don Bosco High School Dress and Good Grooming Policy

Consideration for Christian modesty should prevail at ALL times.The administration will make the final decision(s) regarding the application of the dress code policy.

Proper attire for students at Don Bosco is:

Slacks, skirts, or shorts may be navy blue, khaki, black, or gray. They must have a minimum of a 5 inch inseam, style, and material.

The appropriateness of the shorts will be the final decision of the administrator. Slacks, skirts or shorts made of nylon, mesh, denim and stretch knit are NOT allowed. Sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants and other workout/warm-up pants are NOT allowed.

Solid color-polo shirts with logos no larger than one square inch may be worn. Polo shirts with Don Bosco logos larger than one square may be worn as approved by the administration.

A short or long sleeved t-shirt may be worn under the polo shirt. No visible wording/logo should be seen through the polo shirt. There should be no logos or words on the sleeve(s) of the undershirt.

Sweatshirts - Non-hooded and hooded Don Bosco sweatshirts may be worn. Hoods on hooded sweatshirts must remain down.

Jackets/Fleece and other outerwear -  Bosco logo team jackets/fleece may be worn. Jackets that would normally be considered “outside” jackets may not be worn.

Hair: Hair must be kept clean. Dyed or highlighted hair cannot be any color beyond natural hair colors.

Jewelry: No dangling or large hoop earrings, large necklaces or bracelets. Jewelry in any visible pierced body parts other than the ear must be removed or covered during the school day. No visible tattoos.

Shirts are to be tucked in.

Don Bosco T-shirts (need to be tucked in) may be worn on Wednesdays with uniform pants or uniform shorts.

No hats may be worn in the school building during regular school hours.

Shoes must have a back, or a strap around the back. Flip flops/shower shoes may not be worn. School issued team clothing is not to be worn during the school day.



Out of uniform days will be announced by the office. Jeans must not be torn or dirty. Tops must have sleeves and be Bosco apparel. No tank tops or caps are allowed.


First Friday and other DRESS UP DAYS

(The following was put together during a conversation with students, faculty, and staff.)
While many of us know or think we know how to dress appropriately, we are sometimes blinded by what we see on TV and social media or can buy from a store. What you wear at home and out with friends is completely different from what you can, and should, wear at school and Mass. The point of this is to set guidelines as to what is appropriate, and not appropriate to wear to a school Mass and on school Dress Up Days. We realize a set of suggestions cannot cover all scenarios. We are asking you to be a great decision maker when choosing what to wear on Dress Up Days.


  • ●  May wear dress shirt(collared)/sweater(No Hoods or zippers)

  • ●  No t-shirts. Shirts must have a collar.

  • ●  May wear dress slacks (no jeans)

  • ●  No cargo shorts or pants. You may wear shorts with a button down shirt, as long as they are not cargo.


  • ●  May wear blouses, sweaters, slacks, skirts or dresses (no jeans or shorts).

  • ●  Leggings are NOT pants. You may wear them underneath an appropriate length dress/skirt.

  • ●  No tight skirts or tops.

  • ●  Skirts must be longer than your fingertips when your hands are at your sides.

  • ●  No low cut tops

  • ●  No spaghetti straps or tank tops unless you are wearing a sweater. Shoulders must be covered with 3 finger width straps

  • ●  The stomach area must be covered


  • ●  NO blue denim jeans. This includes blue denim "dress-up" jeans that may have designs on the pockets and/or may be faded. You are sitting in front of our community, setting an example for those younger and older than you. These rules are meant to set an example and look presentable at Mass.

    If rules are not followed, consequences will be placed. What are the consequences? Unfortunately, in this case, it will probably mean we will not have any "dress up" days in the future.


    A clean, well-groomed appearance is expected of all. This includes hairstyles, facial hair, and overall appearance.

Administration of School Dress and Good Grooming Policy:

The school dress policy has two (2) parts: the specified clothing; the student's appearance, i.e., observance of what is specified as a well-groomed appearance.

For high school (grades 9-12), if a student is out of dress code, the following protocol will be followed:

First dress code violation: Teachers will fill out a dress code violation slip and hand it to the students. If this slip is not returned, signed by a parent on the next school day, your parents will be contacted via email or phone call and you, the student will have to write a note to your parents explaining that you forgot the slip and a plan to not be out of dress code again.

2nd dress code violation: You, the student, will be required to call your parents and explain the situation and you will have to write a plan of how you will not be in dress code violation and that plan will be kept on file with the teacher.

3rd dress code violation: You will be sent to the office. Your parents will be called to arrange to bring you appropriate clothing or to pick you up. If your parents are unable to do either of those, you will stay in the office for the remainder of the day. You will be responsible for all schoolwork.

Accumulation of out of dress code violation over a semester may result in potential further disciplinary action taken if the situation is not rectified. (i.e. time served before or after school in detention, service hours at school, service hours in the community, extracurricular privileges being affected).